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Ybyrá Seal of Ecological Practice

To participate, registration is required on the form: https://forms.gle/Qrs7h3w9mqsrepwd6

The "Ybyrá Seal of Ecological Practice" is an initiative of the Ybyrá Organization, and aims to provide motivation to people, projects and businesses/enterprises of all types and segments to act in a socio-environmental and ecologically responsible way that seek to understand and enhance their role , service, management, product or technology through regenerative economic development through intelligent, sustainable, efficient, circular and inclusive solutions in all spheres of the process, including the UN Global Compact Program, Zero Waste Production, Biodynamic and Biomimetic Technologies, Biodesign, the Carbon Footprint, the Water Footprint and much more;

The Ybyrá Seal of Ecological Practice can be awarded to individuals or legal entities that participate in initiatives, projects and businesses/enterprises inherent to the purposes of ecosystem conservation and socio-environmental practices;

The Ybyrá Organization, through an inspired multidisciplinary team, aims to enhance and assist these initiatives, projects and businesses/ventures through mentoring and personalized consulting based on the needs and demands of each proponent. Our objective, through the “Ybyrá Seal of Ecological Practice”, is to disseminate these practices and guide the development of projects and businesses/enterprises in a collaborative and solid network so that they act in a socio-environmental responsible and ecological way.

What do you get just for signing up?

• You will get 20% discount on Ybyrá Ecological Dishes and Packaging
• A thorough assessment of your initiative, project or business/venture with feedback from Ybyrá

What do you get with the Ybyrá Ecological Practice Seal?

• A detailed analysis by Ybyrá of your initiative, project or business/venture with feedback.
• Different commercial conditions during the term of the Seal.
• Special discounts on our products during the term of the Seal.

HIGHLIGHT: The best initiatives, projects or businesses/enterprises analyzed will receive specialized consultancy by Ybyrá's multidisciplinary team.

Our mentoring and consulting consists of:
- Nature-based solutions - Ecological and Intelligent Management of Resources - Development of Circular and Efficient Processes - Biomimicry applied to Ecological Processes and Products - Biodesign in the Development of Ecological Products - Ecological Waste Treatment - Zero Waste Production - Carbon Footprint - Water Footprint - Active Communication and Ecological Marketing - E-commerce - Information Technology applied in Ecological Business Management

The. The “YBYRÁ SEAL OF ECOLOGICAL PRACTICE” will be awarded annually, ex officio or at the request of the interested party, after analysis by the Ybyrá Organization, in the use of its legal attributions.
B. The Seal can be awarded to individuals or legal entities that participate in initiatives, actions, projects and businesses related to ecological purposes aimed at: I-sustainable development of environmental or socio-environmental projects/businesses to improve the quality of life in the ecosystem; II - contributions and the donation of material or financial resources for the same purposes; III- volunteering and the adoption of integrated actions aimed at solving local and global environmental and social problems.

The. Participation is free.
B. May participate: individual or legal entity that participates in initiatives, actions, projects and businesses inherent to ecological purposes.
w. In order to obtain the seal concession, the interested party must apply using this form.
d. The submission of the application and supporting documents must meet the deadlines established in item 7 - Schedule.

The. Those interested in obtaining the “Ybyrá Seal of Ecological Practice” must forward this completed form and the supporting documents, from November 29 to December 30, 2021, meeting the following requirements:
i. The initiative/project/business report must contain: Title, name, CNPJ or CPF, position, address, cell phone, e-mail; goals; description of the practice; results achieved (even if partial); onset and duration; innovative nature of the practice; positive environmental impact; relationship of the practice with the external community.
ii. Reports of practices carried out from January 1, 2021, in progress or ended and that show results, even if partial, may be submitted.
iii. The initiative/project/business to be presented must be directly related to at least one of the established criteria.
iv. The report of the initiative/project/business may have a maximum of 10 pages, excluding attachments.
v. Any additional informative materials that demonstrate the results obtained may be attached, such as: photos, graphics, published materials, promotional materials, etc.
saw. Interested parties who meet the requirements and deadlines of this form will receive confirmation of their registration by email.
B. Interested parties who do not meet the requirements and/or deadlines of this form will be disqualified.

The. To ensure compliance with this form, evaluation criteria are established.
B. In support of Ybyrá Organization, interested parties who present initiatives/projects/businesses in which they participate or develop that contribute to socio-environmental protection, such as: I. Conservation of flora and fauna; II. Conservation of water resources; III. Reuse, recycling, treatment and proper disposal of solid waste; IV. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels in power generation; V. Environmental Education; and VI. Recovery of degraded areas.
w. Initiatives/projects/businesses that reach a minimum score of 20 points will be approved.
d. The following criteria will be considered for the evaluation:
i. Innovative nature of the practice
ii. Positive environmental impact in practice
iii. Results achieved
iv. Relationship of the practice with the community
It is. Compliance with this Notice is a prerequisite for evaluating the other evaluation criteria.

The. The result of the evaluation of the reports and the date of the ceremony for granting the “Ybyrá Seal of Ecological Practice” will be announced by January 30, 2022 on Ybyrá's social media.

The. The Ybyrá Seal of Ecological Practice, once granted, will be valid for 1 (one) year, and may be extended indefinitely, subject to evaluation and inspection by the Ybyrá Organization.

The. In the event of non-compliance with the criteria that authorize the granting of the seal before its validity expires, Ybyrá Organization will cancel the right to use the seal.

The. When submitting reports on initiatives/projects/businesses, the author authorizes their disclosure on Ybyrá Organization's communication channels.