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Biomimetic Innovation

What is it?

Since living organisms have functional systems largely developed by evolution, the capacity for scientific and technological innovation has been studied in several dimensions based on the observation of nature and, subsequently, inspiration for new devices, materials or non-biological systems.

This new strategy is known as bioinspiration, having as prospecting field a wide range of species from different classes in nature. Within the area of ​​bioinspiration there is biomimicry, which is an imitation of biological functional systems.

One example is the new generation of navigation systems using bees. Bees calculate the most efficient route among all the flowers in an environment, saving energy to collect nectar. Through an unknown algorithm, they solve complex route tracking problems that would baffle most humans.

Scientists say that this High Tech GPS from bees can teach us “how to optimize designs for information networks, whose routes cannot be planned in advance”. The promise is that bee-inspired algorithms will improve information network designs (mobile telephony and internet) or transport (buses, trains) on which modern societies depend.