Nhamandu Jogweru tenonde omãn'ê - The sun rises with its rays and wisdom


Ybyrá encourages and promotes the use of the composting process as an alternative way to treat organic waste, generating organic fertilizer as a product.

Organic Fertilizer

Ybyrá Organic Fertilizer is an excellent soil conditioner that promotes nutrient recycling, soil protection against erosion and nutrient loss, reducing the need for mineral fertilizers. The fertilizer is produced through the composting system, established according to the Brazilian Technical Standards described in NBR 13,591/1996.

Advantages of using Ybyrá Organic Fertilizer:

It is a product with a high aggregated organic matter content and an important source of macro and micronutrients, providing the slow release of nutrients throughout the entire crop cycle, improving the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil.