Nhamandu Jogweru tenonde omãn'ê - The sun rises with its rays and wisdom

Our Process

Process and Product

Our biggest differential is the biodynamic and biomimetic methodology applied in a simple and efficient way to our circular production chain. Our products are born from the time of the forest and guarantee its ability to regenerate. Straws are naturally dumped by palm trees and collected from the urban forest floor by our team. We only use vegetable and pruning waste, so no plants or trees are cut down or harmed in the forest management process. It is sustainable extraction of tree leaves and palm straw. Our entire manufacturing process is physical, that is, no artificial chemical additives are used during the entire manufacturing process or in the final product. The palm straws are collected, classified, molded into utensils and packages, sanitized and sold. Each product is carefully monitored by a strict quality control unit, one piece at a time to maintain its natural organic quality. All of our products undergo a sanitization stage using ultraviolet (UV) germicidal irradiation. The whole process is in our hands. And of course, each product is manufactured and strictly quality controlled at our production facility in Rio Grande da Serra, Brazil. With our strict technical control, we bring all processes to production with professionalism and dedication, to guarantee cleanliness, hygiene and, most importantly, no chemical residues. Our production system is punctual, regenerative and without waste, aiming at quality for delivery to the customer.

Utensils and packaging made from fallen palm husks are organic, washable, reusable, which enhances their economic value and their organic composition enhances the essence of the cosmetic or soap involved. That's it. Free of plastics, additives, oil, glue and chemicals. Only leaves, so it meets sustainability as a trend in the cosmetics sector, ideal for adding value to Boticário products. In addition, our packaging has the advantage of being light, resistant and not easily broken, with a thermal resistance ranging from -10°C to 200°C. They are a perfect economic and ecological alternative to disposable plastics or paper, capable of reducing the damage caused by the unrestrained disposal of packaging made from non-compostable materials (paper, glass, plastic, etc.). Our packaging is organic and compostable, indicating a much more efficient biodegradability compared to conventional biodegradable materials (plastics and paper). After use, you can dispose of them without harming the environment in an organic bin or home compost to turn fertilizer. In addition, we also offer a reverse logistics system via application for our compostable packaging, where we not only remove old and used palm straw packaging, but also take a new Boticário packaging to the consumer. They come from nature and return to it. Our differential is transparency with the public. We were born from inclusive environmental education and we want to multiply our knowledge. See the forest growing healthy by everyone's hand.