Nhamandu Jogweru tenonde omãn'ê - The sun rises with its rays and wisdom

Agriculture is the art of knowing how to wait

Agroecology has as its main objective the clean production of healthier and more natural foods. To this end, its philosophy is made up of principles, among which the following stand out: rational use of natural resources and the use of organic products in the maintenance of plantations. Agroecology can be interpreted as a science involving social and political movement, adding popular and traditional knowledge, derived from indigenous and peasant communities.

Current agribusiness traders see the land as a profit-making machine, regardless of what is produced, the very high levels of pesticides the land is used to its depletion. In contrast to agribusiness, the techniques used in agroecology can be considered as practices of resistance in family farming. These techniques are based on the sharing and dynamics of family work, where agricultural activity is the main source of income. In addition to using the small property, the family farmer develops a direct relationship with the property, which is his place of work and home.